Celebrating over 30 years in Computing (1979 - Present Day)

We've been in business for over thirty years (a long time for an IT company). Our success is due to our relentless commitment to providing customers with a service they are always happy with. We are a company that strongly prides itself on being personable.

We build relationships with our customers and understand each company's requirements such that we can effectively provide a service second to none, be pro-active as the company grows, be re-active to potential problems and ensure their systems continue to run with the minimum fuss and ensuring a cost effective solution that we constantly monitor.

Having the ability to write and maintain bespoke software solutions and build, install and maintain the hardware coupled with our network expertise for in house networks and remote users keeps us ahead of our competitors. Add our Telephony and Broadband solutions for a complete IT package tailored to the customers needs. This is essential in keeping costs to a minimum and ensures a single, easily managed point of contact for any company wanting an IT solution without the headaches of mismatched systems.