Server Maintenance Plans - what Professional Computer Support offer

Our Server Maintenance plan ensures operational continuity by the daily monitoring of server activities - such as:

  • Core temperature.- A server works hard and will get hot, this machine requires dedicated cooling (if a server overheats it can quickly damage the Server

  • Load the Operating System - starts the boot loader from a storage device (i.e. Hard disk drives, USB drives).

  • Updates and patches - to monitor resource usage and connection speed as if these are not current, it can compromise the systems security leaving it vulnerable to malware which will exploit these flaws.

  • Lifespan of components particularly their ability to manage updates, patches and new versions of software.

A server, similar to any piece of machinery or equipment, requires regular attention and maintenance, particularly as it is operating for very long periods of time. Failure, faults and damage (both intentional and unintentional) can occur and there can always be unexpected power cuts or surges that can cause damage .

A maintenance plan ensures that there are solid daily backup routines that complete properly and that the most recent copy of all critical data is stored safely off-site.

Do not wait for the damage to be done, It is a known fact that most companies who experience complete data loss (and cannot resume operations for more than ten days) are not likely to survive due to the financial losses and the impact data loss has on their company reputation. (Strategic research institute 2015).

Server Maintenance - Breakdown

   Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
Parts & Labour  
Hardware recovery  
OS recovery  
Data Recovery (If valid backup exists) X  

Server Maintenance - Support

   Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
Unlimited Telephone Support  
Unlimited Remote Support  
On-Site Support  

Server Maintenance - Server

   Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
Physical Server  
Virtual Server 1 X  
Virtual Server 2 X X  
Additional Virtual Servers X X X  
Server Optimisation X X  
Asset Registry X X X  
Software Audit X X X  
Internet Access Management X X X  
Mobile Access Management X X X  
Virual Server Monitoring X X  
Virus Removal X X X  
Malware Removal X X X  

Server Maintenance - Proactive Server Monitoring


   Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
Free Disk Space Metric Monitoring X X  
CPU Utilisation Metric Monitoring X  
Disk Utilisation Metric Monitoring X  
RAM Utilisation Metric Monitoring X  
Page File Usage Monitoring X X  
Event Viewer Monitoring X X  
Server Keep Alive Monitoring X  

Server Maintenance - Proactive Workstation Monitoring

   Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
CPU Utilisation Metric Monitoring X X  
Disk Utilisation Metric Monitoring X X  
RAM Utilisation Metric Monitoring X X  

Server Maintenance - Windows Updates

   Basic Standard Premium Enhanced  
WSUS maintenance X X  
WSUS Monitoring X X  
Server Security Updates X  
Server Critical Updates X  
Server Feature Updates X X  
Workstation Security Updates X X X  
Workstation Critical Updates X X X  
Update Frequency X Quarterly Monthly Weekly  

Server Maintenance - Networks

  Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
Switches X X X  
Routers X X X  
Broadband Service X X X  

Server Maintenance - Anti-Virus

  Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
AntiVirus monitoring X X  
AntiVirus Managed Updates X X  
Server Virus Removal X X X  
Server Malware Removal X X X  
Workstation Virus Removal X X X  
Workstation Malware Removal X X X  
AntiVirus Compliance X X  

Server Maintenance - Email

Email Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
Exchange Monitoring X X X  
Email Blacklist Monitoring X X  
Exchange Cumulative update installation X X X  
Spam Monitoring X X  
Domain name management X X X  
Proactive Spam Rule Modifications X X  

Server Maintenance - Backups

  Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
Backup Monitoring X  
Backup Verification X X  
Disaster Recovery Planning X X X  
Disaster Recovery Verification X X X  
Fully Managed Backups X X  
Individual or Multiple File/Folder Recovery X X X  

Server Maintenance - Server Software Management

  Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
3rd Party Application Updates X X X  
3rd Party Application Backup X X X  
3rd Party Problem Resolution (If contract exists with supplier) X X X  

Server Maintenance - User Management (Server Only)

  Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
User Creation X X X  
User Deletion X X X  
User Password Changes & Reset X X X  
User Deletion X X X  
Email Deletion X X X  
User Security Modification X X X  
Email Group Management X X X  
Security Group Management X X X  

Server Maintenance - Hours

  Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
Server reboot during working hours X  
Server reboot out of office hours X X  
Fully Managed AntiVirus support X X X  
Remote User Support X  
On-Site Support (Mon-Fri 9-5)  
On-site support (Weekends) X X X  
On-site support (Out of office hours emergency) X X X  
Out of office hours emergency support number X X X  

Server Maintenance - Response Times

  Basic Standard Enhanced Premium  
Next working Day  
8 Hours X X  
4 Hours X X X