Effective Data Sharing

If you require a solid data security resource, a server is the most cost effective way of synchronising and sharing IT resources. It controls access permissions to resources such as email, printers, applications and documents. The server can centrally perform routine scheduled back-ups, so in the event of any failure through hardware, software or malicious infections, you can restore data

As remote and hybrid working are essential working arrangements it is crucial to provide access to your business data whilst travelling or working from home a server can provide you with remote access.  This solution allows you and your team to work with your data more efficiently.  

PCS are a Microsoft partner and as such understand the complexities of server & client licensing, including an effective backup solution and Anti-virus/Anti Spyware/Anti Spam configurations.  This ensures the server solution is not compromised and thus remains cost effective. PCS have a wealth of experience in providing, tower, racks and virtual server solutions.